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Taos Community

Taos Pueblo Community


Address 120 Veterans Highway Taos, NM 87571

Taos Pueblo is the only living Native American community designated both a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a National Historic Landmark. The multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously inhabited for over 1000 years. We welcome you to visit our village when you travel to northern New Mexico. Tribal families continue to maintain their homes as family homes.  There are no modern amenities here in the cultural area of the community. Living here is a choice and an option for Tribal members.

Taos Pueblo is a living and breathing community with culture and traditions.


1 The community opens the doors to the public and welcomes visitors. The unique status of the community is based in the fact that the area is very much alive with the people. All Cultural and Traditional holidays open to the public and are listed here on the site.

Pueblo Closed to Public

2 There are times when the Pueblo does have to close its doors to the public. To preserve the cultural and traditional arms of the community it is necessary to allow the community to have our privacy. We do apologize to visitors who come from far and vast lengths to visit our home, but it is our hopes that visitors understand and respect our way of life.