Calendar of Events

Taos Pueblo Ceremonies

All events listed below are religious ceremonies. We ask that you offer the same respect you would in your church at home. No photography is allowed. But you won’t need pictures to remember your Pueblo visit. It will remain in your heart and soul forever.


Taos Pueblo Feast Days

Jan. 1, Turtle Dance

Jan. 6, Deer or Buffalo Dance

May 3, Santa Cruz Feast Day

June 13, San Antonio Feast Day

June 24, San Juan Feast Day

Second Weekend of July Annual Taos Pueblo Pow-Wow

July 25, Santiago Feast Day

July 26, Santa Ana Feast Day

Sept. 29, San Geronimo Eve Vespers

Sept. 30, San Geronimo Day

Dec. 24, Procession of the Virgin Mary

Dec. 25, Deer or Matachinas Dance

Feast days were introduced by the Spanish colonization and represent the celebration of the Patron Saints of the Catholic religion (see our Event Calendar) Feast Days also coincide with our Traditional Pueblo religion which allows the people of our community to practice both the Catholic and Pueblo Religion. A typical Feast Day is a day of eating, visiting with family, friends and enjoying the traditional dances that are allowed to public spectators. Feast days are an integral part of the Pueblo culture and we enjoy sharing these days with our visitors
and friends.

Although our feast days are open to the public, one must be invited to a home to visit and/or share a feast day meal. Please use common courtesy etiquette and do not walk into a home uninvited. Other common courtesies include; after a dance is over please do not applaud for these are not performances. Our dances are part of a ceremony and it is an honor to see these dances. Please while watching the
dances do not question community members as to what’s the significance of the dance, remember you are witnessing a ceremony therefore please exercise appropriate behavior.

Thank you for visiting Taos Pueblo during these special events.