Taos Pueblo Summer Hours:

Mon. – Sat. 8:00AM – 4:30PM

Sunday 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Refer to "Latest News" for Updates


Adults: $16 per person

Students: $14 per person

Children 10 and under: Free

Groups (8 or more Adults): $14 per person


-Rules and regulations apply, all photos are for personal use only

-Commercial, documentary, educational and/or artist renderings MUST have prior approval and all fees apply inquire within the Tourism Office.

-No photos of tribal members without permission


[intro] Taos Pueblo Shops[/intro]

Taos Pueblo is also known for the shops and galleries found inside the actual Pueblo. Each shop is owned by tribal members. The individual families are able to benefit from the tourism industry by selling their handmade and hand crafted arts and crafts to the visitors. For generations some families have been able to provide for their families through this resource.

[quote] Taos Pueblo Shops[/quote]

The shops also reflect the connection to the historical factor of Taos Pueblo being a trade center pre- European contact to today. Today, shop owner’s still sell and trade arts and crafts with other neighboring tribal people, such as other local Pueblos or Navajo people. This is reflected in the variety of goods the shops have to offer. All shop keepers and owners are able to identify arts and crafts from other communities.

Beyond the shops, Taos Pueblo is renowned for the arts and crafts made here. Traditional arts include micaceous pottery, drum making, and basketry. Other contemporary forms of art work would include painting, sculpture, and photography. Jewelry making, although not a traditional art form or contemporary art form, has been practiced since the 1940’s. Some shops sell their actual art work or resale works from other indigenous communities.

The shops are a unique attribute to the environment of the community with the artist on sight to talk and share their technique or concepts. Shop owners also can give insight to the art they carry and can share the value of a piece. It is important to note that the shops located in the Pueblo vicinity are held to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act which is a federal act for business owners of all sorts who carry Native American arts and crafts to disclose the authenticity of the work he/she is selling.

15 Responses to Taos Pueblo Shops

  • my family and i are planning to visit Questa,nm so I remembered wheni was a lil girl i visitied Taos Pueblo, I would like to visit it again. I dont know how to get there since i live in TEXAS.

  • Come visti Taos Pueblo – here is our link for directions – http://www.taospueblo.com/directions or Taos Pueblo Tourism at
    575-758-1028 for more information.

  • The best time to visit Taos Pueblo is during CHRISTMAS. The dances at the pueblo are enchanting and you’ve got to see the huge bon fire. It’s magical and the bread is delicious.

  • I am planning a trip to Taos Pueblo this Christmas and would appreciate any information I can get on schedules, dances, the Christmas Eve bonfire, etc. Are all of the event open to the public? Where do I begin?

  • Great!! check out our google calendar for our schedule or call Taos Pueblo Tourism at
    575-758-1028 for more information. Visit this link:: http://www.taospueblo.com/events

  • I visited last week- had a nice dinner at the casino dining room and a tour and beautiful day at the pueblo. Now I am at home in another state and would like to contact a couple of the pueblo merchants to see if I could buy long-distance a few of the things I saw for sale. Is there any listing of the merchants with contact info?

  • “It is important to note that the shops located in the Pueblo vicinity are held to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act which is a federal act for business owners of all sorts who carry Native American arts and crafts to disclose the authenticity of the work he/she is selling.”

    It was my observation that one of the shop owners was selling goods made in China. I was led to believe that all sale items were authentic Native American goods. Please explain to me how that can be possible, noting the above statement.

    Thank you very much.

  • Please email the Tourism Office at tourism@taospueblo.com or call (575) 758-1028 with names of merchants or descriptions of location and we will try to help you as best as we can. Thank you.

  • Please send all information regarding such incidences to the Tourism Department at tourism@taospueblo.com . Written statements regarding such false advertisement can help the department and Tribal Government reinforce the disclosure of authenticity for items sold in the village. Thank you for your comment, have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.

  • I had a wonderful day today at Taos pueblo. Flowers was our guide and I just enjoyed meeting her so much. I bought a couple items from sr. Bernals son. I am very happy with these. Items. Thank you for your hospitality. Elena Junes and Alan Osborne were our road scholar tour guides.

  • Virginia,
    We are pleased that you enjoyed your visit to our community, please come visit us again!

  • I bought a t-shirt awhile ago at Taos Pueblo and it’s seriously the most best shirt I’ve ever had! I get tons of compliments on it and I wish I had bought more for friends and family…

    It’s a textured blue color, with a colorful horse design on the front. The horse has a hand print inside of it and the mane looks like feathers. Taos Pueblo is written on the bottom.

    I bought it from a woman inside the pueblo who had lots of other shirts. I believe it was $15 or $20.

    Is there any way to get another one of these shirts? I live in Washington.

  • Alicen,

    I am pleased over your enthusiasm. I believe your shirt was purchased at Wahelas Gift Shop. Wahela can be reached at (575) 758-9765 I’m sure she will be delighted to hear from you. Thank you for your interest in our village, come visit us again!

  • We will be visiting NM this July. A few questions; will the Pueblo be open for tours during the time of the Pow Wow? May “outsiders” participate in the Pow Wow? Also, we would love to purchase clothing made famous by Patricia Michaels. Would there be any available? Thanks you so much!

  • Good Morning,
    Thank you for taking an interest in our village. To answer your questions,
    The Pow- Wow is located 2 miles west of the village ( you’ll see signs in the town of Taos with directions)
    “Outsider” participation is limited. I believe only during “inter-tribal” dances are you allowed ( in a respectful manner of course)
    As for Patricia Michaels clothing you can go to her website http://www.patriciamichaelsfashion.com for all info that is Patricia.
    Should you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.

    Have a great day!

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