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Taos Pueblo Hunting program was recently established under the Division of Natural Resources within the Ecology Program. Taos Pueblo offers Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep hunts on Taos Pueblo lands and Elk hunts on the Taos Pueblo Ranch. All lands hunted are owned and managed by Taos Pueblo with the sheep hunts held on the Taos Pueblo Reservation and elk hunts on Taos Pueblo’s own Taos Pueblo Ranch.



Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Taos Pueblo auctions two Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep tags each year at the annual Wild Sheep Foundation Convention. Each tag allows one hunter to hunt “Tract C” of the Taos Pueblo Reservation. Hunts are held during the spring and fall in elevations ranging from 7,500 to over 12,000 feet.

Taos Pueblo has a Boone & Crockett average score of 183 and also holds the New Mexico state record of 198 4/8 Boone & Crockett. There have been several sheep harvested over 190 Boone & Crockett. The two rams harvested in 2012 scored 184 and 187 Boone & Crockett respectively.

Rocky Mountain Elk

Taos Pueblo has also recently started conducting elk hunts on the Taos Pueblo Ranch. The ranch is approximately 16,000 acres of prime elk habitat located in the heart of the Moreno Valley. All hunts are guided by Taos Pueblo Hunt Staff. The ranch is managed for hunter satisfaction and is transitioning to a high quality, trophy management area through habitat enhancement and seasonal usage studies conducted by Ecology Staff.

The hunting season begins September 1st and runs through the 22nd for Archery. The rifle season starts on October 3rd and runs through November 8th. Cow elk hunts are offered through the month of December. Archery and rifle Either Sex tags have a five day hunt period within the allotted hunting seasons. Cow hunts will have a three day hunt period.

Please contact Michael Martinez, Hunt Coordinator, for more information regarding pricing and reservations for the 2013 hunt season.

Michael Martinez
Taos Pueblo Division of Natural Resources